Thursday, 24 June 2010

At office

24th June Time to say goodbye.......

Today still has good weather......

A bit sad that he is leaving again......

Time files our family members get together to say goodbye to Mr. Radish.

Bye bye, Mr. Radish, be a handsome guy but don't be shy!

But what would I tell there bodyguard if they come this afternoon?

Og well, they can still take care of our Maroko anyway, but just Maroko will be lonly again.....

23rd June

Look!!! It is rea Me. Radish, we can see your head under your over grown hair now! Are you shy? Because your face shows a bit red.......

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

22nd June

Ho ho look.......... cats love Mr. Radish, today our neighbour cat c-Tiger cam to be its bodyguard, in case any raddit from richmond park can't help themselves......

21st June

I weatered Mr. Radish this morning, but it seem to grow a lot within pass 8 hours, are you Mr. Radish or Mr. Spanish? Tell me the truth......

20th June

Sunshine covers our garden whole day, will it be toooooooooo hot for Mr. Radish?
It looks enjoyed.

19th June

Ha .....Today is neighbour cat B-white palm on duty taking care of it, how aweet!

18th June

The wrather is really good today, and Mr. Radish became more tempting now!
"Darto" is taking care about Mr. Radish ane watering it twice a day. flower are alive.....

17th June Welcome back, Mr. Radish!

We havebeen missing you so mush!! But how come you look so different?
All of our family members are very curious about it......

Friday, 18 June 2010

16th June

today, Mr. Radish had to go out of the house, and come to office!!

He was not so happy first, because he was left alone..

But! He met his friend, Mr.Radish - A!!

Ours looks more and more like a spinach... hmmmm

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

15th June

There was a sun coming in and out today with a little blue patch in the sky...

But I saw this huge cloud coming towards my house!

but I put Mr.Radish out anyway. Watered him a little, but the soil didnt suck the water well. I think soil was again too wet... hmmm. I am not sure what to do and what to be careful on this stage. Is Mr.Radish strong enough to survive any circumstances? or do I still need to be careful?
Since Radish has lots of water inside, I thought I should water it a lot, but now I'm not sure...

Anyway, I saw the red patch on the stem, looks like a radish finally! not a spinach!

14th June

This morning was very sunny. so I put Mr.Radish out so he can enjoy the warm summer!

and around 12:00p.m., look at this weather...!!! very scary...
so I put Mr.Radish back in the house...

I again didn't water him, as the soil looks like very wet.
or, I might be a little scared of watering him anymore because I saw Team A's Mr.Radish?

I think I should at least water him tomorrow...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

12th June

Yesterday, we went out for a drink.... so I neglected the Mr.Radish...


He was completely fine, very happy man, because...

Its sunny, finally!!

I could finally leave him outside! It is temperamental weather today, so I will be watching out for any further thunder storm!

Good for Mr.Radish, we might be able to eat him soon :)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

11th June-handed over to Michiko

Here is the Mr. Radish! in Michiko's house!

Thanks to Shun, Radish is growing really well, look at these leaves!
I will move him to a little sunny place later, even though the weather is not so good...
Compare to what I had before, it has grown so much but now I wonder when we can eat the Mr. Radish?

Where are you, Mr. Radish????

Oh.... when I came home everybody keeps looking for Mr. Radish...........
And miss him a lot.......

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

10th June hand Mr. Spinach over day

This morning, just defore Mr. Spinach left our home, all our family menbers don't want to let it go.........

But I had to pack it..........

9th June Don't lie to me!

Oops...our little flowers drained under the sun, even I watered ewice a day... but still not enough for it......

Glad that Mr. Radish survived and enjoyed the sunshine very much!
But I started to fell it's not radish, more like gentleman-spinach to me!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

8th June

It rains a lot today, and with some sunshine this afternoon~ Mr. Radish seems quite enjoy the weather today, as it gets so much taller just in one day!

Are we going to see the baby radish underneath tomorrow? Hope those rabbits in Richmond Park will keep away from him~

Monday, 7 June 2010

7th June

Our Radish grows very quickly under the sunshine, and I keep adding water in case it is thirsty! And Mr. Radish has become very attractive,

look! Our neighbour B-white foot short hair black cat came around today to check it out! Fingers crossed-he is veggitarian too....

Sunday, 6 June 2010

6th June

Ha! Mr.Radish! has met our neighbour-the long haired black cat, glad she is not veggitarian!

5th June

A bit worried if the sunshine is toooooo strong for Mr.Radish!, I add water twice today in case it is thirsty!

By the end of this afternoon, it looks quite enjoy the sunshine and grows a lot towards the sun!

4th June

Woke up in the morning, suddenly all our pets are so curious of Mr.Radish! They just keep looking....

3rd June

Our new family member Mr.Radish finally took train arriving home, and just met Maloko! Hope they get on well, and they will enjoy this week!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Hand over day 3rd July!

Tonight, I am going to see Shun to hand over our Mr.Radish!
I carefully put the pot in the bag, and ready to go!

Tips for Shun:
Its growing quite well, and I pulled out few young shoots - hope everything goes well!
good luck with Radish!

2nd June

Today, the weather was not so good again, and the soil was still wet so didnt water again.
They are growing quite well ( I think?) and hope I can hand over to Shun ok tomorrow