Monday, 31 May 2010

towards the light

after positioning the pot near the window, I detected that the stems were starting to grow towards the light. On the photograph I taken you can see the slight curviture in the stem.

I water the plant every other day. Even though it has been sunny on most days the earth has stayed moist.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

take over

I took the plant over today. The earth was moist, so I am confident that I should be able to leave it in the sunny room for the day. I placed the pot on to the ladder because I know that this is a safe place from our cat Monty (he is very scared of the ladder). When I got home in the evening I stuck my finger into the earth and found it still moist. I will check again in the morning and maybe water it then.

No photographs yet sorry, as I got the images on my phone and I don't know how to get them onto this PC laptop....This will have to wait until tomorrow.

I went out for dinner yesterday, so I completely forgot about my baby... oops ( the dinner was amazing! yum yum!)

Strong radish survived a day - even more, the soil was still wet, so I thought not to water it... Was it because of cold and not-sunny weather?

then this morning, I passed onto Martin successfully! Hope he understood everything ok.

Tip for Martin:
Please make sure you don't water him too much, otherwise the root will start to rot. (I think)
And I read somewhere that you need to start to pull out some of the weaker ones to make enough space for one radish. I couldn't find when you need to do it, but I am assuming it will come pretty soon...

OK, good luck and don't kill it pleaso!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

25th May

I forgot to take care of the Radish-chan, because....

Monty( the cat) kept asking playing!

Naughty cat!

But the good boy Radish has grown massively, and I watered lots again.

Monday, 24 May 2010

24th May

Good morning!

Here is the Radish-chan this morning around 8.30a.m.
grown twice the size! Today is another sunny day, so I have put the plant outside - I assume that this is good thing now, since I didn't kill the plant for last few days, this gave me a confidence.

I have been googling with " radish grow" keyword, to see if I have to do something... then I finally found a page which is pretty useful ( see here)
According to this page, I need to give a "room" to each radish soon - by picking out the weak ones..hmmm

Most of gardening website explain the scientific fact ( temperature, the kind of soil etc), but nothing about everyday caring stuff - like what I should see, and what I should do. - I wonder why?

Anyway, I watered the plant again under the strong sunshine.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

23rd May 2010

Look Look!!

The first babies are born!!

The tomato feeder worked?? or the sunshine is good??

Anyway,its a big day for Team B!!!

Today is very very sunny too, so I put the Baby Radish outside and watered a lot!!
I'm so happy!

22nd May 2010

Today is...

Sunny!!! so I put The Radish-chan outside!

Also I nicked some of the Tomato feeder to enhance the growth... I'm not sure if this is right thing, but let's see...

21st May 2010

I went out tonight so came home a little late with worry...

There is no sign of babies, so I am starting to wonder if this is really working... so I went online to check this page and this page
Nobody says anything about how long it takes for germination, but mentions the difficult things like temperature etc...

so I given up looking for information and depend on my animal instinct...

the soil looked a little dry so I watered a lot!

maybe too much??

Thursday, 20 May 2010

first day!

I planted radish seeds and put it below the window! and watered a lot! Hope it will start to grow?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010